by Neus Jorda

AITEX, ATEVAL and a representation of companies in the textile sector present the employment opportunities offered by the textile sector.

The Conference for teachers, tutors and counsellors of 3rd and 4th of E.S.O. in schools and institutes of the Valencian Community was held at AITEX to present the employment opportunities that the textile sector offers to young people.
Representatives from the textile sector, Pepe Serna, general secretary of ATEVAL, Jorge Mataix, manager of R. Belda Llorens and Rafael Pascual, president of AITEX, described the current situation of the textile industry to the audience: where it is headed, what jobs are most in demand and what are the most pressing needs in the textile industry.

Marina Sánchez, General Director of Vocational Training and Special Education, Pablo Díaz, professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Fernando Sansaloni, Director of the IES Cotes Baixes talked about the different training options open to young people, at university and in vocational training courses.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia, offers the Master in textile engineering in collaboration with AITEX, with the aim of training professionals capable of providing optimal solutions in the processes of textile engineering. The modern textile industry requires trained people, with the capacity to lead companies and textile research centres to face the challenges posed by new skills, to help to promote the development of new products and increase competitiveness in the renewed textile market. Pablo Díaz presented success stories of students who are now working in leading companies in the textile sector.

The IES Cotes Baixes spoke about the advantages offered by dual vocational training, since it gives companies access to qualified professional operators and employees, and gives students extensive practical experience in the workplace. The IES Cotes Baixes offers training in production and textile finishing.

It is essential that careers guidance counsellors are made aware of the opportunities that the textile sector offers for young people and that the councillor and the parents can guide young students in 3rd and 4th grades of E.S.O. for their future careers and present the textile industry as one with a bright future and which is innovative, attractive and multidisciplinary in nature.

The day was rounded off with a visit to AITEX’s facilities to underline to the attendees the innovative potential offered by the textile sector.

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