by Neus Jorda

Presentation of the prototypes developed by the INTERREG MED CREATIVEWEAR project at a workshop organised by AITEX.  

The INTERREG MED CREATIVEWEAR project in which technology and innovation, creativity design and tradition have gone hand in hand to develop new Fallera and Moors and Christians Costumes.

During the morning of the 9th a visit was made to AITEX, where different technologies are used to develop new fabrics and designs. The visit took in the Institute’s experimental wetlaid plant, the polymer extrusion plant, the high-performance embroidery equipment used in the development of smart textiles and the technical finishing laboratory. The Creativewear project consortium has successfully applied these new technologies to traditional clothing.

In the afternoon, the visitors were treated to a fashion show and exhibition of the works carried out with the collaboration of Valencian artists, designers, garment manufacturers and textile companies where prototype Fallera and Moors and Christians costumes developed during the project could be more closely inspected. To create the collection, clean garment-finishing technologies have been used, such as lasers, nanobubbles and ozone, to finish the garments, and the common denominator underlying all of the technologies is their sustainability.

CREATIVEWEAR is a European project whose objective is to revitalise the Textile-Clothing sector through the promotion of creativity, personalised design and artisanal and small-scale production, supported by Mediterranean heritage and culture. CREATIVEWEAR also seeks to promote and support cooperation between creators and the manufacturing sector.

Proyecto CreativeWear

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