I + D / Nuevos materiales y sostenibilidad. Revalorización de residuos, no tejidos y composites


Year: 2021


Concern over fossil fuel consumption is increasing and becoming a priority. Since its inception, the adhesives industry has consumed huge volumes of petrochemical-based raw materials but new governmental restrictions and growing consumer concern for the environment has created a growing interest by the adhesives industry to replace these fossil-based materials with natural, renewable raw materials.

Two of the sectors that are placing most emphasis on the inclusion of more sustainable materials in their products are the household textile and the packaging sector. During the development of BIOMELT 2021, further research will be carried out in two lines. The first is the inclusion of a high content of natural raw materials in the composition of hot melt adhesives and the second is the formulation of single-component systems to favour the circular economy of the final product.



The main objectives of BIOMELT 2021 are listed below:

  • To create a database on the status of raw materials of natural and sustainable origin, ideal for inclusion in the formulation of hot melt adhesives at industrial level.
  • To develop a new generation of hot melt type bio adhesives with high added value. For this purpose, raw materials from natural resources such as animal and plant waxes, plant resins and/or biodegradable polymeric resins will be used in concentrations above 75%. In addition, the new bio-adhesive products must have the same adhesion properties as commercial products used in the petrochemical industry.
  • The application of the new bio-adhesives using continuous lamination technologies commonly used in the textile industry.
  • The formulation of adhesives whose components are of the same nature, i.e. they should not contain mixtures of raw materials of different natures. This will allow the products to be used in mono-material systems, facilitating product recyclability.
  • The transfer and dissemination of the product to the market. Capacity to create tailor-made solutions based on the technical and economic requirements of the market. The two target industries for technology transfer will be adhesive formulators and adhesive applicators.



The main results of the BIOMELT 2021 project are listed below:

  • HIGH ADDED VALUE ADHESIVE SOLUTIONS. Adhesive solutions with a high content of raw materials of natural origin, equal to or higher than 75 %.
  • TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS. To enable the formulation of new tailor-made adhesive solutions according to the requirements of the application.
  • NEW R&D PROJECTS. Capacity to develop single-compound solutions for industry, facilitating the recycling process of the material as a whole.
  • DATA BASE. The creation of a database of commercial adhesives.
  • NEW CUSTOMERS. To provide solutions and added value factors to adhesive formulators and producers and to companies applying adhesives in continuous lamination processes.

The results will be presented as prototypes to help convince manufacturers and companies to adopt the different solutions proposed for adhesive products and laminated products.


This project is funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball de la Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE.

Additional Information


  • Grant number: IMAMCI/2021/1

  • Year: 2021

  • Status: Finished

  • Entity: IVACE
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