by Beatriz Domenech


16th of December 2020

A new mentality is emerging among companies in the textile industry: aware of the impact the sector has on the environment, concern for sustainability is on the rise.

Bulb with solar panels, wind fans and hydraulic power in energy saving concept. Echo friends. Green World

AITEX has set up a new Technical Unit for Sustainability and the Circular Economy to enable textile companies to improve their positioning as environmentally sustainable companies and to generate business opportunities by changing to new circular models. Some of the main actions of this new Technical Unit include:

  1. Environmental Sustainability and Circular Economy Audit. Analysis of the situation of companies from the perspective of raw material consumption, process efficiency, waste generation, environmental impact of products or communication management. The aim is to stimulate the integration of environmental sustainability into the company’s own strategy by offering a starting point for the implementation of specific improvement actions via a report on recommendations.
  2. Energy audit. The following energy services are offered by external specialised companies: comprehensive energy efficiency audit (gas, electricity, water), optimisation of gas and electricity contracting, 100% green energy supply guarantee, ECRAS (R) energy monitoring platform and measurement hardware, certificate of excellence in energy efficiency and renewable energy plan. Please note that until 31/12/2020, there is a subsidy of up to 40% available from IVACE.
  3. Laboratory tests. Biodegradability, quality control and certification studies, according to international sustainability standards and regulations.
  4. R&D&I projects. Development of more sustainable products, the application and use of new technologies with lower energy consumption, water resources and chemical products, and Ecodesign as a starting point for the manufacture of more environmentally sustainable products and processes.
  5. Offer of specific technical courses according to needs.
  6. Technological surveillance. Continuous technological surveillance service to capture and identify all those initiatives and new sustainable technologies that can be replicated in the textile sector, as well as all the regulations that have a direct impact on the sector.
  7. Regular updates on sustainability and the Circular Economy. A Circular Economy and Sustainability Guide has been published for the textile sector. A specific guide for the textile sector in which the most relevant aspects for companies in the area of environmental sustainability will be clarified, by chapter: environmental terms, materials, design for recycling, regulations or available processes and technologies. The Guide is distributed free of charge through the AITEX newsletters.

To find out more about these services, please contact Ana Rodes by email at or by telephone on 661537647.

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