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The third AITEX Business Awards


The 2021 AITEX Business Awards were presented on the 7th April at the IVAM-CADA Conference Centre in Alcoy. More than two hundred finalists, local business people and dignitaries were present and the keynote speech was given by Marc Vidal, an expert in digital transformation, a speaker on the economy, programme presenter and director at TVE.

Rafael Climent González, the Regional Minister for Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Employment of the Generalitat Valenciana, made the presentations, totalling sixty-thousand Euros to the winners in two categories: the AITEX award for COVID-19 Innovation and the AITEX Sustainability Award.

Ten finalists attended the awards ceremony in the two categories, with four receiving certificates and cash prizes.

The first category, the AITEX Award for COVID-19 Innovation, is given to companies who have enhanced their business by developing highly innovative products, services or processes to provide solutions to the pandemic.

The winners were::

  • BIOINICIA S.L., first prize of 20.000€
  • Destiny Decor S.L., second prize of 10.000€
Premios Empresariales AITEX 2021
Premios Empresariales AITEX 2021

The AITEX Sustainability Award is given to companies who stand out for their eco management or who have developed a product, service or process which actively contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection.

The winners were:

  • Care Applications S.L.U., first prize of 20.000€
  • Creaciones Euromoda S.L., second prize of 10.000€

The Business Awards are one of the actions instigated by AITEX to promote the dynamisation of the business community in textiles and other sectors, incentivising the involvement of different audiences and making businesses more competitive in the search for new solutions to the challenges of driving industrial growth.

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