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Year: 2020



The massive contamination load caused by today’s fast fashion production chain is a result of the 100 billion garments produced annually.

The supply of raw materials, the production and use of chemicals, as well as water and air emissions and waste created in the production and post-production phases, are compromising the natural balance of ecosystems.

These facts make the textile industry the second most polluting industry on the planet.



The main objective of this project is to research new natural products, new formulations and ECO technological solutions for the clothing, home textile and leather sectors, to analyse, demonstrate and quantify the advantages that these new solutions provide, compared to those currently used.

Specifically, the project will work on:

  • The application of new natural products and dyeing approaches using natural dyes and new sustainable technologies.
  • Study of the processes of extraction of active principles from aromatic plants and dye plants.
  • Study of the functional properties of the extracts obtained, as alternatives to traditional chemical finishing products.
  • Determination of the advantages offered by plasma technology in the dry pre-treatment of textiles, to increase the dyeing performance or functionalisation of the different solutions developed.
  • Determination and quantification of the advantages offered by these new natural products, new formulations and technological solutions, and a comparison of their carbon footprint with that of the current technologies used in the sector.



Through the development of this project, we intend to demonstrate the industrial feasibility of new sustainable solutions for the clothing, home textile and leather sectors.

  • Methodologies, formulations and dye prototypes will be manufactured using dyes and auxiliaries of natural origin, particularly as regards the reduction of processing temperatures.
  • Dye formulations and prototypes using natural food colouring
  • Formulations and prototypes developed with the use of more sustainable technology and capable of considerably reducing the consumption of water, chemical products and dyes.
  • Active ingredients will be extracted from aromatic and dyeing plants for testing on different materials to determine natural functionalisation capacities in terms of antimicrobial, antifungal, hydro-repellent and UV filter effects.
  • Finally, there will be a real and weighted evaluation of the different environmental advantages obtained through a calculation of the carbon footprint of the different processes or products with respect to the current techniques used today by the industry.


This project is funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball de la Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE, and is co funded by ERDF from the European Commission within the framework of the Operational Programme FEDER for the Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020.



AMOUNT: 223.784,77 €

Additional Information

  • Year: 2020

  • Status: Finished

  • Entity: IVACE
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