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BULKY – Bulk continuous yarn. Enhanced synthetic fibres for BCF technology

I + D / Nanotecnología aplicada a materiales textiles. Desarrollo de fibras, hilatura y tejeduría.

BULKY Bulk continuous yarn. Enhanced synthetic fibres for BCF technology 

Year: 2019



Overall consumption of synthetic Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) in the manufacture of carpets is distributed thus: 52% polypropylene fibres, 47% polyamide and 1% polyester. 

These synthetic fibres are non-renewable and in recent years their use has been in question, because of the shortage and the increased cost of oil, and the CO2 emissions during manufacturecoupled with the management of textile waste and the public’s increased environmental awareness, among other reasons; the development of eco-friendly fibres, which are more respectful with the environment which can be manufactured using BCF technology and used in carpets. 


The core objective of the project is the improvement and optimisation of the physical properties (shine, softness and strength of multifilaments of recycled polypropylene, polyamides and polyester from renewable bio based sources (PLA, PBT, PA1010, etc.) for use as BCF in the manufacture of carpets. 

To ensure the success of the project, different tasks have been planned such as melt spinning, functionalisation of polymers, work with the different fibre cross sections, blending polymer grades, etcthe most suitable spun multifilaments will be texturised using Taslan and BCF and the different processing parameters of each of the technologies will be adapted to obtain the best results and manufacture prototypes. 

Specific objectives 

The following specific objectives for the improvement of the physical properties of the multifilaments have been set: 

  1. PolymerFunctionalisationwith the help of AITEX’s pilot compounding plant the different polymers will be functionalised to improve properties of UV protection, process stabilisers, chain extenders, flame retardants, HALS, etcThen functionalised multifilament yarns will be manufactured using melt spinning and texturised in BCF. 
  2. Mixing of polymer grades:different polymer grades will be acquired to blend various proportions of virgin material with recycled material to optimise the properties of the multifilaments obtained from recycled material. 
  3.  Specialcross-sections: to improve the yarns properties of shine and resilience, we will work directly on the modification of type-C sections, hollow fibre, trilobal, etc.   

  1. Prior air-texturising work:as samples are produced, a preliminary air texture step will be completed to help define the performance of the multifilaments in the BCF system, this technology requires less material to successfully run tests. 
  2. BCFTexturising: the samples displaying the best mechanical characteristics in each of the polymers will be subjected to various BCF trials, applying different machine configurations (air jet pressure, cooling cylinder speed, air temperature, etc.) to identify the best physical properties of the multifilaments. 

  1. Prototyping:the samples that have the most ideal physical properties to enable trials to be carried out will be prototyped to test for abrasion, wear, suntest, etc. 
  2. Transfer of results:the successful development of the project is as important as the transfer of the knowledge generated to companies in the sector. During the project, a range of dissemination activities will be performed to publicise the results. 


The successful completion of the project will result in environmentally-friendly filaments with improved mechanical properties of shinestrength and softness, which are appropriate for replacing the PP, PA and acrylic fibres currently used in BCF. 

In addition, it is intended to develop a range of prototype consumer goods including carpets, outdoor fabrics, automotive fabrics and filtration membranes. 

This project is funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball de la Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE, and is co funded by ERDF from the European Commission within the framework of the Operational Programme FEDER for the Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020.


AMOUNT: 133.661,98 €


Additional Information

  • Year: 2019

  • Status: Finished

  • Entity: IVACE
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