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End-to-end service for companies participating in the Public Tendering Process


Technical Unit

AITEX provides an end-to end service to companies involved in public tendering calls by public bodies for textile procurement nationally and internationally. The Institute, in its role as an approved laboratory, performs QA testing to guarantee that the requirements of each call are met.

Test report reception, tracking and finalising are managed to ensure that deadlines are met for the bidding process and we work closely with our partners providing where necessary, technical support and consultancy on existing legislation.

Public procurement tendering for all types of textiles articles

Examples of the types of clothing involved in the tendering process are those worn by:

  • The armed forces of Spain and other countries (UK, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Portugal, among others)
  • Police forces: national and local police, municipal police, Guardia Civil, traffic police, police forces from Spain’s autonomous regions: Mossos d’Esquadra, Ertzaintza, etc.
  • Civil defence forces: Forestry, the Fire Service, Civil Protection, Autonomous Government, the Prison Service.
  • Large companies who provide services through the tendering process: electricity, water and gas suppliers, the petrochemical industry, telecom, the postal service.

Services we offer

The services provided by the Technical Unit are on the one hand, textile test reports: yarns, fabrics and accessories and on the other, finished apparel test reports: both for their qualities as defined in the Technical Data Sheets and their performance to ageing and washing processes (these last are tested after washing to determine whether they have deteriorated in any way). We also issue EC type certificates when required by the tender.

Type of client 

We provide services to two broad types of clients:

  • Public Administration.
  • Bidders for open tenders: companies in the sector or temporary joint ventures who are bidding together.

Clients normally visit our facilities to oversee the tests “in situ” with the samples, to gain a better understanding of the article’s performance.

We work with Public Administration and companies who have won tenders as each delivery of the successful article must have first passed the QA tests required by the tender. Both parties must be present during the tests.

[+] Information: concursos@aitex.es

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