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Workshop: ‘The textile future: digital and global’


On April 9th, AITEX held the “Textile Future: digital and global’ workshop on the reference points in the global market: consumption, international trends and digitalisation. The day was supported jointly by ATEVAL, Home textiles from Spain, Home textiles premium by TEXTILHOGAR, Feria Valencia and the Creativewear Project.

In the first presentation, Francesco Bolli and Serena Ponticelli, from Patro Textile Museum, introduced a cataloguing software – Patro Heritage Hub Experience – for the management of the museum’s content and exhibits, developed within the European CREATIVEWEARproject, in which AITEX also participates. During the session there was a demonstration of the software’s most important tools, and the installation and configuration requirements for the free HERITAGE MANAGER software which digitises textile design files.

The following presentation, by Rosa María Herrero, CEO of InfinityInner, presented the CUBE zone which will feature in the next edition of Home Textiles Premium by TEXTILHOGAR. CUBE is a CONTRACT FURNISHING space which will include presentations by publishers and interior designs by experts in contract furnishing who will decorate a series of inspiring interiors. Leila Bachetarzi from ATEVAL spoke about the profile of foreign buyers who have been invited to Home Textiles Premium by TEXTILHOGAR, to be held in Madrid from 11 to 13 September at the Caja Magical.
The day’s last lecture was ‘Trends for home textiles 19/20’, a study prepared by AITEX and Metrocomunicación, looking at the latest trends, keys and ideas that will influence textiles and home furnishing in 2020.

The Conference was brought to a finish by José Ramón Revert, President of Home Textiles Premium and Vice President of AITEX, who encouraged all present to get passionate about the innovations appearing in the exciting world of textiles.

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