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Bespoke training provided by AITEX



During 2017, 49 companies from the textile, clothing and fashion sector have relied on AITEX to provide BESPOKE courses. This training has been taught either in the applicant’s own facilities itself, in the AITEX facilities, or a mixture of both. 267 students have been trained over a total of 954 training hours.

The specialist areas at which these activities are aimed include technology and textile innovation, quality control and processes, sustainability of textile processes, Textile design, pattern making and confection, maintenance, ICT and legislation and standardisation.

The training activities have been taught by both internal and external experts in each of the topics involved, and were supported by the most up to date teaching materials and media.

Contact person: Carmen Jover, Head Department of Training, Aitex

(cjover@aitex.es )

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