by Javier Miró


AITEX offers an integral service to companies involved in the field of tenders with public bodies and organisations for the supply of textiles nationally and internationally. As an accredited laboratory, the Institute can perform QA testing to ensure that a product complies with all the requirements demanded of it. Reception, tracking and finalisation of test reports are all managed to ensure that public tender deadlines are met and the Institute collaborates at every stage with the client providing the necessary information regarding existing regulations and legislation.


Services offered  

  • Test reports on textile materials: yarns, fabrics and accessories.  
  • Test reports on finished garments:  
  • The qualities defined within the Technical Specification Sheets. 
  • Behaviour during use, subjecting the garment to ageing and washing cycles and then re-evaluating the product to determine the degree to which the properties have deteriorated.  
  • EC Certificate of Type to meet the demands of public tenders and to measure corrosion and UV simulation tests. 

Public tenders for all types of textile supplies  

A few examples of garments subject to public tender contracts are shown below:  

  • The Spanish and European armed forces (UK, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Portugal)  
  • Police forces: national, municipal and local police forces, Guardia Civil, traffic police and Spanish regional police forces: Mossos d’Esquadra, Ertzaintza, etc.  
  • Security forces: Forest rangers, Fire Service, Civil Protection, autonomous regional governments and the Prison Service.  
  • Large private sector companies who procure through public tender  
  • Power, water, gas and petrochemical suppliers, telecom and the Post Office. 

Client profile  

We provide services to two main types of clients:  

  • Public Administration  
  • Tenderers who bid for open tenders: companies within the sector and temporary partnerships bidding for a tender jointly.  

Typically, the Institute will visit the client to review their testing facilities in situ with the samples presented to better understand the peculiarities of each product.  

The Institute collaborates with the Public Administration body in question and the company which has won the tender. Before the delivery of any supplies, the product must be evaluated in compliance with the control stipulated by the tender and both parties are present during the testing procedure.