AITEX performs a full suite of production inspection services:

  • The application of ISO 2859-1 for acceptance quality limit for lot-by-lot inspection (AQL).
  • Fully In line with the client’s established requirements and their acceptance and rejection criteria and protocols.


Point-of-origin inspections are performed in situ at the supplier’s premises, before the product is despatched to its destination. It is a preventative measure and one which leads to long-term savings with respect to verifying that the product meets the client’s requirements as well as complying with applicable standards and legislation.

The scope of the inspection includes every aspect of the product which the client requires, from supervising labelling and design processes to testing procedures, etc.

Using this approach, our clients can offer their products for sale and use with the full backing and confidence of a point-of-origin inspection report.

The inspections are performed by AITEX’s highly qualified technicians at whichever stage of the process is requested by the client:

  • Initial: an inspection is carried out of the raw materials and manufacturing plant before production commences to verify that they meet requirements.
  • During production: to verify that the product is being manufactured according to the client’s specifications.
  • Pre-shipping: a QA inspection of the finished product to ensure it meets the client’s specifications.
  • Container loading: inspects the loaded product quality to ensure it meets the client’s specifications.

AITEX has a team of qualified auditors available who can perform a Corporate Social Responsibility Audit on any member of the supply chain. The Institute will audit the manufacturer’s and supplier’s Code of Conduct.

The scope of the audit will cover the full content of the obligatory requirements that AITEX’s client has established with its supplier including workers’ rights, product health and safety and environmental concerns.