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22nd November 2019


R+D at the service of the textile industry to create and transfer value-added factors.

High added-value solutions for emerging strategic markets. AITEX concentrates its research efforts on the following fields:

  • Functional textile products for health, sport and personal protection
  • Textile solutions for environmental and human protection
  • Textile solutions for construction and habitat; energy efficiency and smart interior design
  • Textile solutions for transport systems; lighter, cleaner, safer
  • Personalised, functional fashion products.

AITEX is working on R+D for the following projects:


The principal goal of OPTI-ACE is to integrate optical sensors into fabrics for use in the manufacture of sports clothing and articles that can harvest and process performance data to evaluate and enhance the player’s performance.

[+] Information on  OPTI-ACE


The GREENFILS project has developed flat ribbons of PLA and PHB with two goals in mind: firstly, to study the effect of certain variables – the temperature of the cooling bath, godet speed, stretch ratio, post treatments, the presence of a nucleating agent in the polymer and the time after extrusion – on the material’s mechanical properties.  Secondly, a compostability study of the two biomaterials with respect to ISO 20200:2015.

[+] Information on GREENFILS


The TeCos project studies the evolution of thermoplastic composite technology by incorporating new production processes. The resulting developments will be implemented through four work packages in which the use of recycled carbon fibre (rCF) plays an important role.

[+] Information on TeCoS

These projects are funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE.

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2 de diciembre de 2019

AITEX está acreditado por la Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) como Organismo de Certificación de Equipos Marinos según ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

AITEX está acreditado por la Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) como Organismo de Certificación de Equipos marinos según ISO/IEC 17065:2012 en el ámbito de actuación reglamentario (Reglamento 2014/90/UE) y bajo los esquemas de evaluación de la conformidad: Módulo B (Examen UE de Tipo), Módulo F (Conformidad con el tipo basada en el control de producto) y Módulo D (Conformidad con el tipo basada en el Aseguramiento de la calidad del proceso de producción).

El Alcance de Acreditación 155 C-PR364 de AITEX se encuentra publicado en la web de ENAC ( de modo que se describe en su alcance y  los productos.

 Nº           Producto
MED/3.1   Revestimientos primarios de cubierta

MED/3.3   Equipos de bomberos: Indumentaria protectora (proximidad inmediata)
MED/3.5   Equipos de bomberos: guantes
MED/3.13 Materiales no combustibles
MED/3.18 Superficies y revestimientos de pisos con características de débil propagación de llama (a, b, c, d, e y f)

MED/3.19 Tapizados, cortinas y demás materiales textiles colgados
MED/3.20 Muebles tapizados
MED/3.21 Artículos de cama.

Igualmente el Organismo de Certificación de AITEX se encuentra Notificado y publicado en la web de la Comisión Europea (nando) como el Organismo Notificado nº 0161.

Con esta nueva acreditación AITEX puede dar el servicio de certificación para equipos marinos.

En función del procedimiento de evaluación del Reglamento 2014/90/UE que se solicite al Organismo Notificado de AITEX:

Módulo B: el examen UE de Tipo es la parte de un procedimiento de evaluación de la conformidad mediante el que un Organismo Notificado examina el diseño técnico de un equipo marino y verifica y certifica que dicho diseño técnico cumple los requisitos esenciales.

Módulo F: El organismo notificado efectuará controles del producto para verificar la homogeneidad de la producción y la conformidad del equipo marino con el tipo descrito en el certificado de examen UE de tipo y con los requisitos esenciales.

Módulo D: El organismo notificado evaluará el sistema de calidad para determinar si cumple los requisitos. Dará por supuesta la conformidad con dichos requisitos de los elementos del sistema de calidad que cumplan las especificaciones correspondientes de la directiva.

Los certificados emitidos otorgan la “marca rueda de timón” identificada con el número de organismo notificado y el año de emisión del mismo, lo cual es imprescindible para incluir un equipo marino en una embarcación.

Más Información:


Europa Commission:  Notified bodies nando

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29th October 2019


R+D at the service of the textile industry, creating and transferring value.

Added-value solutions for growing strategic markets. AITEX is focusing its research on the following areas:

  • Textile-based functional products for Health, Sports and Personal Protection.
  • Textiles to protect and provide solutions for the natural world and society.
  • Textile solutions for construction and habitat; energy efficiency and smart interior design.
  • Textile solutions for transport systems; lighter, cleaner and safer
  • Custom-made functional fashion articles

AITEX is working on the research and development of the following projects:


The main objective of year two of DENTALTEX II is to create a prototype consisting of a micro-porous central core, covered by different nanofibre veils additivated with drugs for periodontal treatment.

[+] for more information onDENTALTEX II


The main objective of the FUNDETEX project is to develop detergent and softener formulations that provide functional properties to the skin that are beneficial for the user’s health, through research into additives and liquid and solid functional compounds of interest (mosquito-repellent, moisturising, anti-cellulite, etc.). In addition, studies will determine how effective the transfer of the properties of the detergent or softener to the user is, when in contact with the washed clothes and fabrics.

[+] for more information on FUNDETEX


The core objective of  BIENESMART is the development of textile solutions that monitor vital signs and physiological and biological parameters for the improvement of people’s well-being.

[+] for more information on BIENESMART


The objective of the STAR project is the research and development of smart textiles for architecture and construction that allow users to interact with technological, sustainable and creative infrastructures that enhance their quality of life.

[+] for more information on STAR


These projects are funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE.

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29th October 2019

More than 2300 professionals from the cosmetic industry gathered at the 4th Cosmetorium fair held on October 23 and 24 at the Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona. This year is the second time AITEX has participated, and the fair covered a much larger exhibition space than previous years. 137 exhibitors, both national and international, who presented their new launches, products and services, supported the event: 13% more than the previous year.

Cosmetorium represents the largest showcase for the sector in our country. Manufacturers’ innovations and launches marked the new trends within the industry, with a clear commitment to conscious, responsible and sustainable cosmetics throughout the cosmetics manufacturing chain.

Within the scientific program organised by Cosmetorium, AITEX gave a conference on electro-spinning technology and its applications in cosmetics, which proved popular and generated considerable interest among leading companies in the sector. Electrospinning allows a new generation of nonwovens to be created, in a network of intertwined nanofibres. In the cosmetic sector, technology is used to manufacture masks or patches with active compounds, which dissolve and become absorbed completely during use, without creating waste.

AITEX also participated in the Tech Focus program on innovation in efficiency and effectiveness tests for hair care products, which was attended by leading companies in the sector who wanted to learn first-hand the range of innovative trials AITEX can provide.

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29th October 2019

Protective equipment on a mannequin. Specialist clothes. Protective helmet. Antinoise headphones. Protective glasses. Personal protective equipment. Safety at work.

AITEX has a stand at the leading health and safety in the workplace fair in Düsseldorf from the 5th to the 8th November 2019

AITEX will be in Hall 4 Stand 4F01, introducing all the certification and testing services it offers in personal protective equipment. The A + A Fair actively contributes to progress and innovation for the benefit of people and businesses, and is the leading fair in occupational safety and health.

AITEX’s advanced protection equipment laboratory

At  the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX), we strive to continue innovating and improving the services we provide, focusing our attention on the evolution of our laboratories towards aspects of Personal Protective Equipment that were previously beyond our remit. The Institute’s laboratories have been working for many years as a Notified Body in the evaluation of the conformity of PPE in the form of gloves, clothing and harnesses. Taking this invaluable experience as a base, and seeking to meet customer demand, we have been working to provide our laboratories with the necessary equipment to evaluate PPE for Eye and Facial Protection, Respiratory, Head Protection and Evaluation of Dielectric Gloves for high voltage work.

Global and comprehensive eye and face protection service

The data collected by the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security from January to May of 2019 reveal that during this period, the number of occupational accidents involving eye and face injuries was 7,818 and 1,907 respectively.
Between the two, these accidents represent 72.9% of all accidents related to injuries to the head and 4.4% of the total workplace accidents.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 26% of occupational injuries or illnesses that affected the head during 2017 involved the eyes.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), of the United States Department of Labor, considers it essential to reduce the possible risks by correct workplace design, as well as knowledge of the different personal protective equipment (PPE) available and the correct use of each of them according to the activity undertaken.
The prevalence of eye and facial accidents previously revealed shows how important protection is in the workplace, as well as the need to assess the risks of each job and promote employee training so they can choose the appropriate PPE according to the risk to which they are exposed.
AITEX is fully equipped and possesses the necessary infrastructure to perform tests on face and eye protection.
Article published in the AITEX review nº63: reed more
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28th October 2019

Good health is a vital aspect of modern life, but keeping healthy and improving our quality of life requires care. Certain aspects, both for the prevention of diseases and their treatment, must be taken into account.

The TPTex Project aims to improve the Quality of life in two specific sectors:

  • Women suffering from pathologies caused by the accumulation of lymph or fat in the lower leg, such as lymphedema and lipedema.
  • Athletes who require recovery assistance for muscle and body fatigue after long-distance races or strenuous exercise.

The project aims to help improve health through the relationship between the textile sector and physical activity.

Lipedema is a disease that affects between 10 and 16% of the population and was recognised as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2018.

The development of new textile solutions (their structure, materials and properties) is particularly relevant. A market study into pathologies discovered that a bespoke compression garment may cost as much as 300 euros, which many people cannot afford, and must be replaced approximately every 5 months when in daily use. The project aims to collaborate with external services and partners to create ideal garments for sports.

TPTex focuses on preventing injuries and improving health, by researching the use of textile applications for compression garments used during sport and physical activity. The project has two main lines of action:

  • Compressive textile substrates for the improvement of pathologies of the lower limb, caused by the accumulation of fat (lipedema) or lymph (lymphedema).
  • Compressive textile substrates for the improvement of muscle and body function after long-distance running that take the body to its limits.

[+] for more information on TPTex

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EncuentroDinamizacionTextil (76)

On the 24th of October, the first event to boost the textile sector, organised by the AITEX UPV Chair, ATEVAL and ACETEX, with the support of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy and IVACE, took place at IVAM Alcoi. During the meeting, the CEO of Leroy Merlin, Ignacio Sánchez delved into the future trends in the textile sector. More than 200 participants came together to toast the importance of the textile sector in our regions.

The textile sector celebrated the first event to boost the textile sector organised by the AITEX-UPV Chair, in collaboration with the Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community (ATEVAL) and the Regional Association of Entrepreneurs Textiles de l´Alcoià i el Comtat (ACETEX), supported by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible i sectors productius and IVACE. During the morning, students visited the Textile Vocations Showroom, where manufacturers in the central regions exhibited their innovative products to show young people the potential of the sector.

In the more formal event held in the afternoon, Leroy Merlin CEO Ignacio Sánchez presented the latest and future trends in the textile sector, with his presentation ‘Textile sector: Competing in the 21st century’. He explained the keys to how companies must compete in today’s technological world.Sanchez stressed the importance of corporate social responsibility in today’s society, and how companies have to take these aspects on board in their strategic business plans.
‘If you want to change the future, start by changing yourself’ with this message Sánchez encouraged the young people present to be aware of the importance of their decisions to achieving their goals.

Júlia Company, Director General of IVACE, closed the event on behalf of the public sector, highlighting the work of the AITEX-UPV chair “and the importance of joint projects between institutions, organisations and companies for the benefit of a sector with solid roots in the central regions and with a recognised presence nationally and internationally”.

The meeting also served as a showcase for the activities carried out by the AITEX-UPV Chair during the 2018-19 academic year.


• Awards for Final Degree Projects in the textile sector, presented by Guillermina Tormo, Director of the Vice-Rectorate Area for Employment and Entrepreneurship at the UPV.

3rd Prize: Cristina Mira Cuenca, Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development student at UPV Campus d’Alcoi.
2nd prize: María Berruezo de Lara, Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development student at UPV Campus d’Alcoi.
1st prize: María José Serrano Flores, Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development student at UPV Campus d’Alcoi.

• Startup Prize in the textile sector, presented by Rafael Pascual, President of AITEX.

Gema Figuerola, for her sustainable fashion project Tangente de 90.

•  Premio al Mejor expediente mención textil del Grado en Ingeniería en Diseño Industrial y Desarrollo de Productos curso 2018/19, entregado por Càndid Penalva, Presidente de ATEVAL.

Premiada Cristina María Cuenca.

• Citation for the best textile student in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development in 2018/19, awarded by Càndid Penalva, President of ATEVAL.

Awarded to Cristina María Cuenca.

• Recognition Challenge SEAT TEXTIL CHALLENGE, presented by Juan Ignacio Torregrosa, Director UPV Campus d’Alcoi

3rd prize: “Live more and better behind the wheel of a Seat” by Víctor Silvestre and Iñaki Blanquer
2nd prize: “More comfortable seat belt, with a warning sign” by Christian Fuentes, María Pérez and María Sancho.
1st prize: “Textile for the environment” by Javier Romera, Sara Peris, Carlos Abianza and Gabriel Mateu.

• Recognition Awards Home Textile Contest, presented by Vicente Blanes, General Director, AITEX.

– Printing category:
3rd prize: FIXEA project presented by Saúl Pérez
2nd prize: FUNNY FOREST project presented by Laura Díaz
1st prize: UBUNTU project presented by Borja Salido García

– Jacquard category:
3rd prize: GIRASOLES ANTHOS presented by Ana Martí Martín
2nd prize: PINEAPPLE presented by Mª Cristina Puchades
1st prize: MONARCA presented by Mª Cristina Puchadesç

• Award for Designs with Textile Components ACETEX – Escola D’art de Alcoy, presented by José Martínez, President of ACETEX.

First Prize: Verónica Llin Albero for her NERVE OF NATURE project
Second Prize: Kathy Peñafiel for her LUMIX PARDINUS project

• Recognition for TEXDENCIA

TEXDENCIA is the Spontaneous Generation group of the UPV. The group’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm makes it possible for the Chair to promote its activities among students.

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OlimpiadasOntinyent (83)
On Friday, October 11, AITEX and ATEVAL organised the second AITEX Olympics at Ontinyent Municipal Sports Centre. The aim of the day is to make young people aware of the textile sector as a future innovative employment prospect.

Participants took part in all kinds of activities: baseball, badminton, paintball, a climbing wall, drones, video games, a cycle race, paddle tennis, volleyball, an obstacle course, and an orientation course where they discovered the presence of textiles in every sport.

The textile sector increasingly offers many exciting opportunities and job offers to students who decide to train in the industry. AITEX is committed to continuing its programme of activities to teach young people about the prospects offered by the industry, and new developments.

More than 450 high school students from 8 secondary schools in Ontinyent and Bocairent enjoyed a day full of activities and excitement, and the event ended with a draw for a mountain bike for each school.

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AITEX participates in the 4rd meeting of the European project VESTLIFE (Ultralight modular bullet proof integral solution for dismounted soldier protection) in De Lier (Holanda). where the first results of the research line for ballistic protection have been presented. The European Defense Agency (EDA) Project Officer, representatives of the Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish Armies as well as the different centers and companies from Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Finland partners of this project coordinated by AITEX have participated in the meeting.

The goal of VESTLIFE is to develop a new lightweight, modular ballistic protection system with integral NBCR detection capability. The clothing will provide a wider range of cover while maintaining comfort as well as lighter ballistic panels, ensuring optimum balance between protection and comfort by adapting the protective surface to mission-specific requirements.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research under grant agreement No PADR FPSS-01-2017- GA 800876”. This publication reflects only the author’s view and the EDA and the EC are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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12th September 2019

AITEX will be present at Cosmetorium in Hall -1 stand 235 on the 23rd and 24th October at the Palau de Congresos in Barcelona.

Cosmetorium is an event created by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC) to create an all-round forum on the formulation, manufacture and distribution of cosmetics in response to the needs of the sector, and to highlight Spain’s importance as a centre of excellence in the cosmetics industry.

AITEX has a long tradition in applied chemistry in the textile industry and can now apply this expertise and potential to the world of cosmetics. The Institute is fully equipped with the latest and most sophisticated laboratory facilities and pilot plant and the Cosmetic’s Technical Unit is able to provide highly innovative R+D services to the cosmetics industry.

More information: 



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