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AITEX participates in the 4rd meeting of the European project VESTLIFE


AITEX participates in the 4rd meeting of the European project VESTLIFE (Ultralight modular bullet proof integral solution for dismounted soldier protection) in De Lier (Holanda). where the first results of the research line for ballistic protection have been presented. The European Defense Agency (EDA) Project Officer, representatives of the Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish Armies as well as the different centers and companies from Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Finland partners of this project coordinated by AITEX have participated in the meeting.

The goal of VESTLIFE is to develop a new lightweight, modular ballistic protection system with integral NBCR detection capability. The clothing will provide a wider range of cover while maintaining comfort as well as lighter ballistic panels, ensuring optimum balance between protection and comfort by adapting the protective surface to mission-specific requirements.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research under grant agreement No PADR FPSS-01-2017- GA 800876”. This publication reflects only the author’s view and the EDA and the EC are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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COSMETORIUM: From the idea to the product


12th September 2019

AITEX will be present at Cosmetorium in Hall -1 stand 235 on the 23rd and 24th October at the Palau de Congresos in Barcelona.

Cosmetorium is an event created by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC) to create an all-round forum on the formulation, manufacture and distribution of cosmetics in response to the needs of the sector, and to highlight Spain’s importance as a centre of excellence in the cosmetics industry.

AITEX has a long tradition in applied chemistry in the textile industry and can now apply this expertise and potential to the world of cosmetics. The Institute is fully equipped with the latest and most sophisticated laboratory facilities and pilot plant and the Cosmetic’s Technical Unit is able to provide highly innovative R+D services to the cosmetics industry.

More information: 



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Participation in the next A+A Fair Laboratories & Innovation


16th September 2019

A professional firefighter dressed in uniform and an oxygen mask standing in fire sparks and smoke over a dark background.

AITEX will be at the leading health and safety at work fair in Düsseldorf from the 5th to the 8th November 2019.

You will find AITEX in Hall 4 Stand 4F01, where we will be promoting our testing and certification services for PPEs. The A+A Fair makes a huge contribution to progress and innovation to the benefit of individuals and companies and is the world’s foremost health-and-safety-at-work fair.

AITEX’s Advanced Protection Equipment Laboratory

It is our stated objective at AITEX to keep on innovating and improving our services by focusing our attention on evolving our laboratory facilities to cover items of Personal Protection Equipment that we cannot certify at present. We have worked steadily for years as a Notified Body on the evaluation and conformity of PPEs such as gloves, articles of clothing and harnesses. This experience has become a cornerstone for our work responding to the needs of our clients and is the basis for the continuous improvements and refitting of our laboratory facilities to cover a wider range of PPEs including Eye and Facial protection, Breathing, Protective Head Gear and Dielectric Gloves for high voltage work.

EU Certification of Type

Before a PPE can be sold in Europe, it must comply with the health and safety requirements set out in Law 2016/425, via the evaluation of conformity procedure: EU Type Examination.
Using the procedure, the Notified Body will not only evaluate a prototype PPE through harmonised testing but will also evaluate its technical documentation, the information booklet which accompanies it and any labels and markings which are attached. A product that successfully passes the EU Type Examination will be issued with an evaluation report and an EU Certification of Type by the Notified Body.
Either of the following two options will accompany the EU Certification of Type:

  • Type Conformity based on an internal production control and random supervised testing (module C2).
  • Type Conformity based on production QA (module D)
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Participation in the last Home Textiles Premium Fair
The fifth Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar Fair took place from the 11th to the 13th September, once again at Madrid’s Caja Mágica.

This is the fair’s fifth year bringing together 69 exhibitors and 163 brands and marques from Spain and Portugal over three days. This is the only event which specialises 100% in home textiles, decoration and upholstery, and it was visited by high profile, affluent buyers, of interest to the exhibitors.

Once again, attendance by international buyers highlighted the importance of ATEVAL’s International Buyers Mission coordination – Home Textiles from Spain, supported by IVACE Internacional and ICEX, which enabled professionals from 35 countries to attend, making Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar a vital promotional platform for the internationalisation of the textile sector.

AITEX took part in several parallel activities during the event in the ‘EL CUBO’ conference space. The first day included the presentation of the winning entries in the third Home Textiles Awards, organised by the AITEX-UPV Chair, and an opportunity for the students to exhibit their printed and Jacquard projects.

During the second day AITEX technicians spoke at the morning’s presentations on ‘Smart Habitats of the Future’, where they presented product and market trends for private and public spaces, and future trends in catering and retail. Both presentations are within the remit of the VALHABITAT project, supported by the Consellería d’ Economia sostenible, sectors productius, comerç i treball of the Generalitat Valenciana through IVACE.

AITEX took advantage of the fair to publicise the Second Business Awards 2019, designed to recognise the work of Spanish textile manufacturers in two categories: Innovation and Sustainability.

The main objective of AITEX’s attendance at the event was to present the Institute’s strategic areas of innovation to textile professionals, the research projects we are currently engaged in and the training services the Institute provides.

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New High-Performance functionalised textiles


12th September 2019


To meet demands for new high-performance functionalised materials, AITEX is focusing its attention on the following fields of research:
§  High-performance technical fibres and yarns

§  New 3D textile structures

§  Multifunctional textile surfaces and their processing technologies (technical finishes)

§  Smart, functionalised structures; «e-textiles» and «smart wearable systems».

In this respect, AITEX is carrying out R+D of the following projects:


The core objective of the  INNFORMULATION project is to research new ingredients and formulations to respond to the requirements of the cosmetics industry for safe, natural products that are innovative and efficiency-enhanced.
There are two broad objectives:
*  To study new preservative systems using natural products
*  To develop biomemetic systems for the efficient delivery of active compounds.

[+] More information about INNFORMULATION


The LIBERACIÓN AVANZADA project is studying how to protect vitamins and probiotics to enhance their stability and efficacy in a cosmetic formulation.

The expected results will include the creation of solutions to improve the efficacy of vitamins and probiotics using advanced controlled-release technologies.

[+] More information about LIBERACIÓN AVANZADA


The FLEXITEX II project focuses on the research and development of sensorised fabrics by printing flexible circuits onto flexible fabric backings.

The project will study printing multi-layer applications using dyes made from conducting, dielectric and resistive materials to create a range of sensors.

[+] Información del Proyecto FLEXITEX II


The LIGHTCOMP project is studying how to develop low-weight, functional composites for the transport industry. The project will specifically focus on the development of high added-value solutions for the car industry.

[+] More information about LIGHTCOMP 2019


This project is funded by la Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE.


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Research into sustainable finishes and a study of their applications


13th September 2019

Consumers now demand more responsible use of resources and clothing that is more environmentally friendly. The trend is pushing manufacturers to use sustainable finishes and develop fabrics and garments that are free from chemicals and made from renewable materials, in an effort to save energy and reduce waste.  

The ECO ACABADOS project is researching a range of ECO technologies to develop new clothing and interior decoration fabrics to demonstrate and evaluate the advantages offered by sustainable finishes.

The expected results include completing research into the range of possibilities offered by eco technologies in the pre and post-dyeing stages using natural dyes. This will also involve the development of prototypes made from different textiles, dyed with natural dyes, some of which will be pre-treated with different sustainable technologies and others treated afterwards.A comparative study will be undertaken of the different sustainable finishing technologies available that offer real and tangible benefits, both in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness.

The successful completion of the ECO ACABADOS project will see the development of new applications of interest to the interior design and clothing industries.

This project is funded by la Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through  IVACE, and co-funded by the EU’s ERDF, within the framework of the ERDF Programme of the Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020.

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Publication of the grants available to industry – Industria Conectada 4.0.
Technology innovation and process automation. Smart industry 4.0

Industria Conectada 4.0 is a strategy promoted by the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs (SGIPYME) for the Ministry for Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The goal is to increase industrial added value and qualified employment in the sector and support a model for the industry of the future by developing digital solutions and promote differentiating competitive advantage to support Spanish industry and drive exports.


Grants have been released for industrial manufacturers, aimed at financing Spanish industry’s digitalisation and to provide the private sector with strategies, initiatives and actions to help in this transformation within the framework of the “Industria Conectada 4.0” project.

AITEX is part of a joint venture approved by the Escuela de Organización Industrial (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness), and can work with the textile industry providing specialised, customised consultancy services to enable companies to achieve their digital transformation.

Below is a brief description of the key points of the programme:

  • Beneficiaries: private companies registered in the Autonomous Region corresponding to the call and which are involved in a manufacturing activity.
  • Form of the grant: specialised, customised assessment (an analysis of the beneficiary’s current situation and the drawing up of a digital transformation plan).
  • Cost of the service: 10,400€ per beneficiary, of which 6,935€ will be the maximum grant and 3,465€ which will be invested by the company, with the exception of Extremadura and Canarias, whose specific grants are described in the accompanying Executive Report.
  • Application dates: see dates in the executive reports.


Grant application must be made online in advance, with a digital signature.

Para cualquier consulta o aclaración, puede ponerse en contacto con Mónica Pascual,, o en los teléfonos 639137321 / 965542200.
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AITEX at Home Textiles Premium in Madrid


Details are being finalised for the fifth Home Textiles Premium fair, which will be held between the 11th and 13th of September in Madrid’s Caja Mágica. More than 200 firms will attend, with AITEX among them on stand 37, Hall 1.

AITEX will be part of a series of conferences in the “EL CUBO” exhibition space. The winners of the third AITEX-UPV Home Textiles Awards will be announced on the 11th of September at 16:00, where design students will present their printed and Jacquard projects.
The ‘Hábitat inteligente del futuro’ presentation will take place on the 12th September at 10:40, presenting the product and market trends for private and public living spaces. Then, at 11:00, AITEX’s Technicians will present “Tendencias en el sector hostelero y retail”. Both presentations form part of the VALHABITAT project, supported by the Consellería d’ Economia sostenible, sectors productius, comerç i treball de la Generalitat Valenciana through IVACE. For more details on the programme, visit:
During the fair, AITEX will announce the second edition of the 2019 Business Awards to recognise the work of Spanish textile companies. The awards will be in two categories: Innovation and Sustainability.
The objective of AITEX at the event is to present to the industry the principal strategic areas of activity as regards innovation and the research projects and training services the Institute can offer.

Innovations in home textiles

AITEX’s innovation work is fully backed up by our own laboratories and certification services where we carry out QA control on products and certify compliance with technical requirements and standards to meet all existing legislation. New for AITEX this year will be the presentation of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certificate, which verifies the recycled content of products and the social, environmental and chemical processes employed during manufacture.
The Institute also certifies decorative and upholstery fabrics in compliance with fire behaviour tests for the UK, France, Italy, the USA and others. The event will also be an opportunity to present the full range of OEKO-TEX® certificates, and the new wider scope of products covered by them. OEKO-TEX® is recognised around the world, demonstrates that a product is not harmful to health and that the manufacturer is environmentally responsible, and respects workers’ rights.

R+D applied to home textiles

With regards to R+D, the Institute will present the research it is carrying out into sustainability and new functionalisation technologies in interior design, smart textiles using embroidery, research and development of sustainable finishing techniques, the development electronic sensors and circuits on flexible backing using additive manufacturing. AITEX’s technical fibres and nanotechnology, technical finishes, health and cosmetics, materials and sustainability and smart textiles and ICT solutions research groups are carrying out the research.


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Textile Technology Course

The goal of the Textile Technology Course is to give the student extensive knowledge of the entire textile process, including the types of material used, quality assurance and new applications.

machines for weaving yarns used in industrial factories. Modern technology in spinning yarn.

The course is aimed at technical employees who need a deep, wide-ranging knowledge of the textile industry: purchasing managers, designers who need to understand all the possibilities offered by textiles when realising their ideas, production managers, technicians from different departments, etc. It is also open to the unemployed who are seeking employment in the industry.

The textile technology course is available on the following dates:

Face-to-face course in Barcelona: 40hours from 17th of September to the 15th October. [+] Info

Face-to-face course in Madrid: 40hours from the 23rd September to the 21st October. [+] Info

Online course: 150 hours.  [+] Info

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El Consell approves agreements with four technology institutes to provide R+D+I training for the unemployed

AITEX is to develop training courses at its Alcoy facilities and the Paterna technical unit. One of the main purposes of LABORA is to offer unemployed people training to help them find employment.

The Consell has approved collaboration agreements between the Valencian Employment and Training Service (LABORA) and regional technological Institutes, including AITEX.

These agreements, which will run until December 31, 2019, are designed to deliver training activities in the field of R & D & I, aimed principally at the unemployed.
The agreements respond to one of the main objectives of LABORA, which is to offer unemployed people training appropriate to the needs of the job market to improve their chances of finding work.
Most of the training actions offered by LABORA enable students to obtain an official professional certificate that accredits their training for the performance of their profession, to improve their employment prospects.
Over the next few months, the following courses will be run by AITEX:
– The design and development of technical textile products
– The use of digital tools for product design and development
– 3D printing: design and technologies
– The circular economy: zero waste in the textile industry
– Business Intelligence in textile innovation

More information: 

AITEX Education Department

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