by Beatriz Domenech

AITEX Cosmetics is the result of the Institute’s commitment to the cosmetics industry. Located in Alcoy, we have a team of professionals that includes dermatologists, ophthalmologists, chemists, biotechnologists, pharmacists and a large group of specialised technicians.

AITEX Cosmetics offers a wide range of safety and efficacy studies for cosmetics, including a database with more than 300 users with different characteristics in terms of skin type, to help researchers select a demographic that best suits the study of a particular product. We have biotechnological tools for efficacy studies to test and prove manufacturers’ claims of properties including moisturising, depigmentation, firming, degreasing, anti-wrinkle, tanning, deodorant or antiperspirant effects, among many others.

Our in-house team of dermatologists and ophthalmologists are on hand every day and we carry out clinical safety studies such as Patch test and Open test on normal and sensitive skin, sensitisation tests, HRIPT and non-comedogenicity test and the measurement of sun protection factor SPF UVA and UVB in vivo and in vitro, among others.

Thanks to our extensive laboratory experience, with a track record of more than 30 years providing services to the textile industry, we offer testing services to support the cosmetics, medical devices and food industries.

Tests are carried out by the microbiology and physical and chemical laboratories to meet quality control requirements such as the detection of pathogenic microorganisms in cosmetics, sterility and bioburden, studies into the effectiveness of the preservative or the challenge test. Additionally we provide compliance testing for the physical and chemical specifications of a product such as pH, viscosity, density, particle size, determination of heavy metals, solar filters and stability to provide an expiry date or a best before date. If there is a test required that we are not currently equipped for, we will purchase and install the equipment in order to continue offering the level of service and commitment that we are famous for.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide advisory and consulting services for the preparation of technical documentation, safety data sheets, technical data sheets and product safety dossiers, among others.
We have export guides to countries outside the EU in order to be able to market cosmetics and offices around the world to provide support.

In short, AITEX Cosmetics is the ideal provider for cosmetic testing, offering you quality, proximity and competitiveness.

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