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foto sede AITEXAITEX (Textile Industry Research Association) was set up in 1985 as an initiative of the Valencian Regional Government, through the Valencian Institute for Small and Medium Industry (IMPIVA). It is currently the leading centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services available to the textile, manufacturing and technical textile sectors.

AITEX is a private non-profit association that encompasses textile and textile-related companies. Its ultimate aim is to make this sector more competitive. To achieve this, the Institute promotes modernisation and the introduction of new and emerging technologies by developing R&D projects and, in general, any initiatives that will contribute to the industrial progress of the sector.

Consequently, the work carried out by the Institute of Textile Technology is closely linked to the sector’s industries, either through the advanced technical services offered by the Institute, the confidential research projects developed at the request of different companies or the projects financed by public funding, in which case the results benefit the sector as a whole.

AITEX is registered with the Register of Innovation and Technology Centres, registration number 36, as well as the Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI), registration number 115. It is also a member of the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Centres (FEDIT) and the Region of Valencia’s Network of Technology Institutes (REDIT) as well as a number of other national and international organisations.

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