AITEX offers companies the KAWABATA test to evaluate the feel of fabrics, in order to objectively quantify the roughness, friction, bending or feel of a textile.

By examining the process of how people judge the tactile properties of fabrics and other textile materials, a close correlation is established between subjective and objective judgements as measured by the mechanical properties established. Using this correlation, the different tactile properties of a fabric, (smoothness, softness, rigidity etc) can be calculated based on objective measurements, and with the right equipment, human touch can be simulated.

The result is the establishment of numerical standards of touch (already established in some sectors) and the feel of textiles can be objectively compared and controlled.

Calculations are used to objectively calculate the softness of a textile. This represents major progress in terms of the quality of a textile, as this evaluation is conditioned by softness in terms of garment comfort. These are sensory parameters of comfort which depend on a much more demanding and subjective evaluation of feel, but which are becoming increasingly important as they are held in high regard by the customer.

  • Roughness and friction.
  • Compression.
  • Bending.
  • Traction and Shear.

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