The laboratory is fully equipped to perform the microbiological characterisation and evaluation of a range of products. The tests we can perform include:

  • Determining the bioburden
  • Identification and detection of pathogens
  • Testing and monitoring production and fabrication facility environments
  • Evaluating the efficiency of anti-microbial treatments: anti-bacterial/fungicidal activity.
  • Resistance to microbiological penetration in wet and dry conditions and against virus penetration.
  • Resistance to the penetration of bodily fluids

Our microbiological laboratory services have been broadened to include the evaluation of the potential cytotoxicity of products. The in-vitro approach places cultivated cells in contact with a product or with extracts from it for a pre-determined length of time, after which the biological response of the cells is measured quantitatively and qualitatively.

We can also perform an allergen assay of extractible proteins on products which will be in direct skin contact.

Additionally, the unit is equipped to provide consultancy and assessment for companies to comply with applicable legislation for their particular products or for research into new materials.