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Textile Technology Course

The goal of the Textile Technology Course is to give the student extensive knowledge of the entire textile process, including the types of material used, quality assurance and new applications.

machines for weaving yarns used in industrial factories. Modern technology in spinning yarn.

The course is aimed at technical employees who need a deep, wide-ranging knowledge of the textile industry: purchasing managers, designers who need to understand all the possibilities offered by textiles when realising their ideas, production managers, technicians from different departments, etc. It is also open to the unemployed who are seeking employment in the industry.

The textile technology course is available on the following dates:

Face-to-face course in Barcelona: 40hours from 17th of September to the 15th October. [+] Info

Face-to-face course in Madrid: 40hours from the 23rd September to the 21st October. [+] Info

Online course: 150 hours.  [+] Info

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AITEX has launched the second Annual Business Awards. The aim of the awards is to promote, reward and publicise the best projects and initiatives from Spanish textile manufacturers.

Innovation and sustainability have become key factors in the transformation and growth of textile companies, and are fundamental to success in today’s open, global and highly competitive marketplace. Textile companies have remained at the forefront of market demands through innovation, development and improvement of processes, products and services in the textile value chain: innovations in spinning, technical textiles, new materials the use of nanotechnology and new applications for textiles.

In recognition of the work of textile companies, AITEX has launched the second Business Awards 2019, with two categories.


The award for innovation is given to a company that has developed an innovative new product, process or service.

The award for sustainability is given to a company that has made an outstanding contribution to eco-efficient management, product or process which actively contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection.


A jury of leading textile industrialists, businesspersons and leaders from organisations will evaluate the projects for their value, overall quality, innovation socio-economic and environmental impact and the results achieved.
In each category there is a first prize of 10.000€, and a second prize of 5.000 €.


Any Spanish textile company is eligible for the AITEX Business Awards.


Entries can be submitted between 08/07/19 and 16/12/19 (inclusive)
Details are being finalised for the fifth Home Textiles Premium fair, which will be held between the 11th and 13th of September in Madrid’s Caja Mágica. More than 200 firms will attend, with AITEX among them on stand 37, Hall 1.

More information:

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Participation in the European “COSTUME” Project

Anticipating the industry’s needs for technical skills and promoting cooperation between industry and professional training is considered one of the critical spheres of activity to be undertaken in the coming years. With regard to the fashion sector, this cooperation will ensure that the industry remains competitive, and is driven by growth and employment.

The CosTUmE project, in which AITEX participates, aims to create an attractive new qualification in the profile of garment technician with EU recognition (PT, ES, RO), taking into account the background, and in line with the European Skills Agenda. The aim is to strengthen vocational training qualifications (VTQ), by providing the necessary skills for the textile and clothing industry, including technical and home textiles, sustainability, the introduction of new materials and industry 4.0. It also aims to facilitate the mobility and employability of the target group in Europe.

The project’s objectives focus on:

  • Employers in the textile and clothing industry
  • Vocational training centres
  • Social associations and textile and clothing associations
  • National vocational training regulators
  • Sector agents
  • VT Professionals

To achieve this objective, the CosTUmE project will develop:
1. A route map of qualifications and good practices in work-based learning for the textile and clothing sector.
2. Definition of the profile and qualification of the clothing and fashion technician
3. ECVET matrix that defines educational levels in the European Qualifications Framework
4. Tutorial guide for mobility in Europe
5. Teacher training for the profile and qualification in clothing technician

The project aims to address the imbalance in existing skills between the supply of skilled employees and the demand of the textile and clothing sector, while increasing the interest among young people to enrol in technical courses and at the same time to motivate employees to update their knowledge and skills base. The overall objective is to promote internal support mechanisms for workers who wish to update their qualifications, while promoting European mobility and applying this new academic profile for validation and recognition in Romania, Spain and Portugal.

The CosTUmE project is led by CITEVE and involves other institutions, technological centres and European textile organisations such as MODATEX, ATP, INOVA +, AITEX, ASECOM, INCDTP and ASTRICONE.

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RETO AITEX 2019 (43)
154 students participated in the first AITEX CHALLENGE 2019, presenting 47 projects in response to the challenge presented by AITEX entitled “How can we improve the experience of athletes by incorporating technology in textiles?”

The purpose of the competition is to recognise the most innovative ideas related to sport and textile technology. Students presented new products and / or functionalities in textile products.
154 students from training centres in Alcoy, Banyeres de Mariola, Canals, Cocentaina, Muro de Alcoy, Ontinyent and Valencia participated. The students’ projects included t-shirts with heart rate control, smart swimming caps, shoe insoles with smart sensors, heated sports leggings and boxing gloves with speed sensors, among others. The winners were:

1st Prize
Training Centre: San José de Calasanz (Valencia)
Project title: Compression and heated leggings using electroactive and resistive polymers.
Team members:
• Ana Navarro Hernández
• Alejandra Moreno Rey
• Clara García Agost

2nd Prize
Training Centre: San Roque School (Alcoy)
Project title: Step by AITEX
Team members:
• Adela Fuentes Gadea
• Isabel Valor Romá

3rd Prize
Training Centre: IES Cotes Baixes (Alcoy)
Project title: Horn
Team members: Step by AITEX
• Teo Senabre Rodríguez
• Laia Andrés Vayá
• Carla Dominguez Bayón

The projects were judged according to the quality of the submitted proposal, resolution of the proposed problem, innovative and technological design and the viability of the proposal presented. The jury was composed of AITEX’s R & D professionals in smart textiles and ICT solutions, technical finishes, health and sports, and comfort.

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Cátedra Aitex 14- 6- 2019 (78)

The AITEX-UPV Chair hosted the presentation and delivery of the Third Home Textile Awards on June 14th. Two categories were awarded; one for printing and the other for Jacquard. The awards ceremony was attended by José Luis Cueto Lominchar, vice-rector of students, culture and sport of the UPV, Juan Ignacio Torregrosa, director of the Campus of Alcoy of the UPV and Rafael Pascual, president of AITEX. All present praised the quality and the high number of entries in both categories.

The jury was made up of representatives from the private sector: Francisco Jover SA, Orts Payá SL, Viuda from Rafael Gandía S.A, Hilados Muravo SLU, Eduardo Díaz, president of UNIFAM, Ramón Sabater, of Feria Valencia and Humberto Martínez, director of the Textil Express magazine. The projects were judged for originality, creativity, trends, technical quality, design and presentation. The following prizes were awarded:

1st prize of €1000 for the UBUNTU project presented by Borja Salido García, a student of Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development at the UPV.
2nd prize of €500 for the FUNNY FOREST project presented by Laura Díaz, a student of Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development at the UPV.
3rd prize of €250 for the FIXEA project presented by Saúl Pérez, a student of Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development at the UPV.

1st prize of €1500 for the MONARCA project presented by Mª Cristina Puchades, student of AITEX’s weaving course.
2nd prize of €1000 to the PINEAPPLE project presented by Mª Cristina Puchades, student of the AITEX’s weaving course.
3rd prize of €500 for the project GIRASOLES ANTHOS presented by Ana Martí Martín, student of AITEX’s weaving course.

The winners will also have the opportunity to present their projects to textile manufacturers at the upcoming international fair Home Textiles Premium, held in the Caja Mágica in Madrid from September 11 to 13. The 31 projects submitted will be exhibited in the Exhibition Hall of the Industrial Circle during June from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The goal of the competition is to reward the best designs and developments of creative fabrics with applications in home textile products, using printing or jacquard technique, in addition to awakening in the young an interest in the textile world and to see textiles as an exciting employment opportunity.

The AITEX Chair is the result of collaboration between the two institutions to carry out activities of a common interest. Its purpose is the promotion and development of activities that contribute to the positioning of the textile sector, both at university level and in society in general. The Chair aims to raise the profile of the textile industry as an attractive, multidisciplinary sector with a bright future.

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6 de Junio de 2019

Baby sitzt am Strand und spielt mit seinen bunten Spielsachen im Sand

UV STANDARD 801 is an independent testing and certification system with which textiles can be evaluated, certified and labelled according to how effectively they protect against UV rays.

Sun exposure: prevention

Excessive exposure to the sun can have harmful effects on health. Ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of the harmful effects of solar radiation on the body, which can cause immediate damage, from a slight reddening of the skin to burns, or injuries both immediate (skin reddening) and more long-term (skin cancer). There is no longer any doubt about the danger of prolonged exposure to the sun; it is essential for consumers to be aware of the need to take all necessary precautions to avoid the consequences of cumulative solar radiation, especially with babies and toddlers. Most textile manufacturers are greatly interested in the problems and the dangers of exposure to sunlight and the protection that can be provided by textile, since consumers want to choose textiles that guarantee a high level of UV protection.

UV STANDARD 801 Certification

UV STANDARD 801 certification is for any type of fabric that will be in prolonged contact with sunlight, regardless of its composition, structure or colour: swimsuits, sportswear, caps, etc. there are two product categories depending on use:
• Class I: Fabrics for clothing
• Class II: Fabrics for shade

The Standard was developed in 1999 by the International Association of Testing for Protection against UV Radiation. The certification process measures the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which specifies the sun protection factor of textile materials. Textiles with UV protection provide an extremely effective barrier against UV rays. Depending on the substrate used, they can provide a UPF of up to 80.

Article published in AITEX REVIEW nº62 continue Reading

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Ultralight Modular Bullet proof integral solution for dismounted soldier protection
The VESTLIFE project is a research project at a European level funded by the Preparatory Action in Defence Research of the European Union (GA No 800876), managed by the European Defence Agency within the framework of the call “Force protection and advanced soldier systems beyond current programs ” from 2017. The project started on May 01, 2018 and lasts 36 months.

The project is led by AITEX (Spain) and includes the participation of six partners from five different countries: TECNALIA (Spain); BRAPA CONSULTING (The Netherlands); CITEVE (Portugal); PETROCERAMICS (Italy) and FY-COMPOSITES (Finland).

The project’s technical aspects reside in the development of lighter, modular ballistic protection components. This includes the possibility of increasing the protected area without compromising comfort, by tailoring the protection requirement to the different areas of the body, adapting it to a mission’s level of risk and depending on the importance of where the projectile impacts the soldier’s body.

In addition, embedded NBC sensors will detect possible risks in this regard, in addition to developing a predictive mathematical model of the possible risks expected in the different scenarios that the Armed Forces may find themselves operating in.

After more than a year, the scenarios have been defined and requirements established, both in terms of ballistics, complying with international testing standards, and comfort, by collecting first-hand information from soldiers. Ballistic protection is provided through the development of composite auxetic materials and three-dimensional textiles that complement the more traditional materials.

More information:

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17 de junio de 2019

Water droplet on blade of grass

The circular economy is a system that reduces, reuses and recycles material to reduce both the entry of raw materials and the production of virgin waste, closing the “loops” and the flow of economic and ecological resources. The search for waste revaluation strategies from different Valencian industrial sectors is vital for the establishment of a circular economy model.

The CIRCLE project focuses on the research of waste revaluation strategies of different Valencian industrial sectors to establish a circular economy model. This way of working is becoming more widespread globally. The first year of the project has seen the development of a knowledge map related to the generation of non-hazardous waste derived from industrial activity in the Valencian Community and its potential for use in the different sectors in the region.

This project has the support of the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE, and is co-funded by the EU’s ERDF funds, within the ERDF Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.

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The next edition of ITMA in Barcelona from the 20th to the 26th of June

AITEX will be present at the next edition of the ITMA international fair from June 20th to 26th at Fira Barcelona

The Institute will be at stand UL D106 in the Research & Innovation hall (UL), where we will present the technological innovations, new fabrics and equipment certifications in the different sectors and the R & D projects we are developing. In addition to presenting more than 50 experimental plants where high value-added solutions are developed for technical markets for technical, smart textiles and new high-performance materials. An added attraction this year is the chance for visitors to view some of the testing carried out at AITEX in virtual reality.

ITMA has become the leading international textile machinery exhibition and exhibitors from 45 countries take the opportunity to present the latest trends and technologies at the four-yearly event. Decision makers and entrepreneurs in the textile industry and students have the opportunity to find out all about the industry at the fair.

Technological innovation is a basic element of the textile and garment industry’s evolution and fundamental for its success.

For more information:

ITMA 2019:

Catálogo informativo ITMA

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More than 420 students take part in the AITEX 2019 Olympics
The director of AITEX, Vicente Blanes, was on hand early to open the AITEX Olympics for fourth-year high school students. The motto of the Olympics is ‘Young people trained for modern textile industry’. More than 420 students took part in the Francisco Laporta Sports Centre in Alcoy from the following high schools: Las Carmelitas, Las Esclavas, José Arnauda, La Salle, IES Cotes Baixes, IES Andreu Sempere, Santa Ana, San Vicente de Paul y Salesianos San Vicente Ferrer.

Throughout the morning of April 30, students took part in various activities such as paddle tennis, volleyball, paintball track, handball, mad race obstacle course, golf simulator, videogames and a mountain bike circuit. In addition they all participated in an orientation circuit which involved following a series of clues around the sports centre to demonstrate their understanding of the different sectors in the textile sector. A fun and educational way of finding out by the industry and its different sectors.

Rafael Pascual closed the Olympics with a speech thanking all the students who attended and also the City of Alcoy for its support. He underlined the importance for young people to be aware of the employment possibilities in the textile industry and its bright future. Alberto Belda, councillor of education and sports in Alcoy, spoke on the importance of the activities to promote sports among the young and that the day was a fun way to learn more about the textile sector. To end the conference, AITEX raffled 9 mountain bikes, one for each training centre, among all the participants.

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